Party Wall Surveyor

As experts in party wall surveying we are well qualified to offer specialist and practical party wall advice relating to this complex legislation. 

We can advise you on whether the Party Wall Act applies to you and can represent you regardless of which ‘side’ of the wall you sit. 

What is a Party Wall?

A party wall is a dividing structure between two adjoining properties that is shared by the people residing in each property. So if you live in a terrace or semi-detached house, any wall which you share with your neighbour(s) is known as a party wall. 

Party walls can also include floors or /ceilings that form the boundary between two flats or the wall between two gardens, known as a party fence wall. 

In an instance where a wall separates two different sized buildings, often only the part that is used by both properties is a party wall, the part that isn’t shared therefore belongs to the person or persons whose land it stands on. 

The Party Wall Act 1996 and Party Wall Disputes

The Party Wall Act 1996 enables an individual to undertake works on the full thickness of a wall without trespassing on the adjoining owner’s property. 

Situations do arise where this may lead to what is known as a party wall dispute between both the Building Owner (the individual undertaking the work) and the Adjoining Owner (the neighbour).

It is a requirement of the Party Wall Act 1996 that the Building Owner undertaking the works must serve a notice on the Adjoining Owner. If the Adjoining Owner objects to the works or fails to respond to the notice then a party wall dispute will arise.

The individual owners may each appoint their own Chartered Surveyor or jointly agree to appoint a single Surveyor to act for both.  The party wall surveyor’s role is to act impartially in the implementation of the Party Wall Act and draw up a legally binding document (also known as an Award) that settles the dispute between the two owners.

Where there are cases of a loss or damage suffered by the adjoining owner, the Award will include the level of compensation payable. There is an appeal process should the Owner disagree with the Award.

As you can see Party Wall legislation is a very complex issue, which requires a specialist level of knowledge and advice.  We would always recommend using an experienced Chartered Building Surveyor to assist you with any Party Wall related matters.

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