RICS Homebuyer Report

An RICS HomeBuyer report (survey level two) is our most basic form of report and is recommended by the RICS for houses that are “fairly standard and potentially in need of some attention”.

Our HomeBuyer report complies with current RICS guidance and includes:

  • Clear and easy to understand ‘traffic light’ ratings relating to the condition of different parts of the property , its services and any garage or other outbuildings, and will show any problems we identify that require varying degrees of attention
  • A summary of the risks to the condition of the building; and other matters including guarantees, planning and building control issues that we would recommend  your solicitor to investigate
  • A list of problems that we consider may affect the value of the property
  • Advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance that the property will require
  • Issues that need to be investigated to prevent serious damage or dangerous conditions occurring
  • Legal issues that need to be addressed by your solicitor before they legally complete your property purchase; and
  • Information on location, local environment and the recorded energy efficiency, if this information is available.

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